Locowash 181 train cleaner

Machine Wash - organic acid train cleaning product

LocoWash 181 is a soluble organic acid specifically designed to remove iron deposits and rust stains generated by wheel, track and braking systems, which are found upon train exteriors. In addition to its excellent cleaning ability, LocoWash 181 train cleaner is fully biodegradable and does not crystallize, blocking spray heads and pipe work. Designed to be used manually or via automatic wash plant systems. It contains no volatile solvents and is inhibited against all metals used in rail carriage and engine construction. Independently tested by Scientifics Limited / 4-Rail.
  • Excellent cleaning ability
  • Removes iron deposits and rust
  • Fast action – less cleaning time
  • Can be used manually or via plant systems
  • Fully biodegradable – friendly to the environment
  • Cost effective
  • Independently tested with fantastic results
Pack Sizes: 200 litre
  1000 litre
Catalogue Number: 007/007419
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Locowash 181
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