Locowash 007 train cleaner

Super concentrate alkali train cleaning product

LocoWash Super Concentrate is a water based mild alkali train cleaner which has been specifically developed for the removal of carbon based deposits, grease, dirt and inorganic residues. It does not contain any volatile solvents, is fully biodegradable and is non corrosive to ferrous and non-ferrous metals. LocoWash 007 is a super concentrated version of LocoWash 304, a leading formulation in the exterior train cleaning market producing enhanced cleaning performance. The concentrated version reduces transport costs and packaging and hence the associated impacts on the environment are also reduced. It can be applied via automated systems or manually, and the exceptional rinse-ability provides a streak free gloss finish. The product has been independently tested by Scientifics Limited, proving complete removal of a wide variation of soil found on railway rolling stock.
  • Superior cleaning on a wide range of soils
  • Fully biodegradable
  • Non-corrosive
  • Super concentrated, therefore reducing transportation costs
  • Independently tested for use in the rail industry
Pack Sizes: 4.3kg Bulk
  25kg Bulk
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Locowash 007
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