What makes Locowash products different to chemicals already being used?

The needs of better overall cleaning performance in today’s demanding Rail Industry instigated a 2 year R&D program that resulted in new chemical technology solutions to old traditional problems.

Are these products safe to use?

This was a major concern to EuroChemi in the development of the Locowash range. The safety of the end user was paramount together with also being safe to the environment and the substrate and paintwork of the rolling stock. Locowash 181, 282 & 304 are not classified under the current COSHH & CHIP regulations.

What’s the best way to apply the products?

Locowash 181 & 304 can be used manually or via automatic wash plant systems. Continued use of Locowash 304 in wash plants have proven to clean the brushes and flails and also improve their cleaning efficiency.

Are these products approved for the Rail Industry?

Our products are independently tested by Scientifics and 4Rail. EuroChemi is also Link-up accredited and carry industry recognized Catalogue Numbers.

What commercial benefits are there?

Competitively priced and economical dilution rates provide long term cost savings.
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