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Railway Maintenance & Train Cleaning Products


EuroChemi is the youngest division of the HK Wentworth Group established in 1941 by Henry Kingsbury. The electronics field has been the group's main focus from inception, where it has forged an enviable and dominant position in the supply of specialised lubricants, cleaners and conformal coatings during the last 5 decades. Still family owned, we have offices and manufacturing capabilities throughout the world and can therefore provide an excellent service to our world wide
customer base.
EuroChemi is a new and dynamic supplier of chemical cleaning & maintenance products to the rail transport industry. Our main aim is to provide technological breakthrough products that add new dimensions to the solution of old problems and offer additional benefits to train operating and rail infrastructure companies. After spending two years speaking and listening to the rail industry a range of products has been developed to meet industry needs. EuroChemi is fast becoming a key supplier into this market place with a high regard for its research and development capabilities.


The last decade has seen the Rail industry go through traumatic transition as the private companies responsible for rolling stock and maintenance have wrestled with the legacy of tradition. Long-standing suppliers too have witnessed the removal of mandatory supply contracts that assured their market prominence. The availability of business with single operators and the, "new era mentality" has led to a large increase in vendors offering chemical solutions for a variety of tasks, many of them traditional products of old science. It is a rare occurrence that a chemical manufacturer ignores the opportunity to leverage sales of existing products by tweaking formula or re-labeling to suit a new application. The EuroChemi philosophy is to look at incumbent products and their method of application with no preconceived ideas. Innovation begins with a blank piece of paper to ensure that product development is totally focused upon the objectives that the industry seeks. Namely:
  • Enhanced performance
  • Environmental, and Personnel safety benefits
  • Additional benefits within financially acceptable parameters.
The Train Operating Companies (TOC's) are under constant pressure from criticism by the traveling public. Not conforming to timetables results in passenger frustration and complaints and is closely followed in number by complaints of poor train cleanliness. The TOC's invest heavily in image and work tirelessly to address poor standards of presentation. The Government has also charged the TOC's to meet the cleanliness expectations of passengers.

Train Cleaning

The combined emphasis toward a higher standard of presentation lead EuroChemi to focus its initial Research & Development in the areas of Train cleaning exterior and interior products. Train maintenance is no ordinary task. Soil deposits are different from those found on other forms of transport and tend to concentrate quickly once they have a foothold. Atmospheric pollutants, diesel exhaust vapour and molten steel deposits thrown up from the wheels, tracks & brakes combine to produce a tenacious and unsightly film. The inside of train suffers from large numbers of people, captive in a small area. The effects of food and drink spillage, debris, graffiti, chewing gum deposits, and dust are made more obvious in the confines of a carriage and present a difficult cleaning task.
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